The Grooming Lounge (formally known as LIMO Men’s Grooming) is an exclusive men’s grooming lounge in the heart of Auckland CBD. The business was founded and has been directed by Hitomi who first opened the door to the world of men’s grooming back in 1990. Since then, she perfected her men’s grooming skills in Tokyo, Japan and then refined them in Auckland to the premier services which satisfy the needs of all men. It was inevitable that these prestigious services led to the establishment of The Grooming Lounge.

Our motivation is to be the ultimate destination for modern men’s grooming needs. The highlight of our finest services includes Certified Wet Shaving (uses cut-throat and safety razor), Japanese De-Stress Massage which uses “Shiatsu” (means finger pressure) technic to target “Tsubo” (means pressure points) to help the blood flow through smoothly and release tension, and finally Luxurious Oil Massage (original blend of Balinese and Lomi Lomi). We also use the state-of-the-art men’s grooming products like American Crew,  Joe Grooming and Redken.

Be it meeting, wedding, presentation, function, interview or whatever your important business is, stay looking sharp and feeling decent is important as it gives you a confidence. Being the leader in men’s grooming for over 25 years, you are assured for the best look & feel experience. So, take the worry out of the equation and come into The Grooming Lounge with professionally trained and experienced staff.